The Ultimate Haven for Hemp Happy Folks in Sacramento and Beyond!

A genie comes out of a lamp and asks what your wish is. You say, “Find me a marijuana Dispensary near me in Sacramento!” He snaps his fingers… Welcome to The Sanctuary!

Unbeatable Variety

How do you like your Mary Jane? Whether you’re in North Highlands, Citrus Heights, or West Sacramento, CA, we’ve got a cornucopia of cannabis confections to make your dreams come true. From aromatic strains perfect for rolling your own, to gourmet edibles that would give your neighborhood bakery a run for its confectionery money, we’ve got you covered!

Much akin to the golden gates at the end of a rainbow, we are the CBD store of choice across the region, including Folsom and Represa, CA! Our folks know their craft – from recommending you the perfect strain to help you unwind after a long day, to teaching you the fine art of distinguishing your Indicas from your Sativas.

In your search for a Cannabis dispensary near you, consider it over! Say the magic words, “Take me to The Sanctuary!” Your genie awaits. The Sanctuary – a whole new world of cannabis variety, minus the magic carpet ride!

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