A Day in the Life at New Standard: Shaping the Future of Cannabis Retail in Grand Haven, MI

Starting the day at New Standard’s Grand Haven location is an experience like no other. Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, this isn’t your usual dispensary. It’s a place where individuals gather to explore, learn, and embrace the world of cannabis with open arms.

A Morning of Knowledge Sharing

The morning kicks off with training sessions. At New Standard, education is fundamental. We believe in imparting the necessary knowledge to customers about our wide array of products, their uses, and how to dose responsibly. An interactive Q & A session follows to ensure all doubts are washed away with clarity.

Browsing the shelves at New Standard during lunchtime feels more like taking a stroll through an art museum. Each strain is carefully curated by dedicated experts who share our passion for the plant, from the casual enthusiast to the cannabis connoisseur.

Afternoon Engagements

Post-lunch, the space buzzes with activity as customers begin to trickle in. It’s more than just a place for transactions. Retail associates, affectionately known as “Budtenders,” engage with customers in meaningful conversations about their lifestyle and desired effects to recommend the best-suited cannabis product.

From edibles to tinctures, and topicals to flower, every product available is sourced from only the most trusted and compliant producers in the state. Quality control is of paramount importance, and our team ensures that every product that makes it to the shelf meets the highest standard of purity and efficacy.

Ending the Day with a Sense of Accomplishment

As closing time nears, the sense of accomplishment hits. Another day of guiding people, of making a difference in customers’ lives, of furthering the cannabis movement in our little corner of the world. At New Standard, we’re more than just a dispensary. We’re a platform for education, a hub for the cannabis-curious, and a beacon for the seasoned consumer.

Stepping out into the night air of Grand Haven, I look forward to another day at New Standard – your innovative, caring, community-focused dispensary. Join us on this exciting journey and discover why we are indeed, your new favorite dispensary in Grand Haven, MI.

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